Celebrity Cricket Match

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Parris Mitchell, Steve Khan, Marcia Maharaj

  • Sunday August 31st 2002
  • L'Amoreaux Park in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

  • This site is dedicated to all the organisers, sponsors, players, supporters and guests who contributed to this historicial event. This was the first time in Canada that Trinis celebrated their Independence in such a grand manner and this was achieved in only six weeks.

    The Main Organisers: Steve Khan, George Maharaj
    Cricket Sub Committee: Herbert Tyson, Arnold Rhagubir, Marcia Maharaj
    Special Gratitude: The Scarborough Cricket Associaton
    The Players:
  • Over 40: Larry Gomes (Capt.), Teddy Fakira ( V.Captain), Amad Abdool, Sunil Neebar, Barry Ganase, Reynold Dass, Harold Noreiga, Rawle Cottle, Wahid Ali, Richard Sieuchan, Jack Maraj
  • Manager: Joseph Nancoo
  • The Under 40: Dave Maharaj (Capt.), Surendra Seeraj (V.Capt.), Raffick Ali, Rudy Ramkissoon, Rishi Ramkissoon, Calvin Alexander, Clayton Rampersad, Winston Duncan, Andrew Mcleod, David Mohammed, Lincoln Mohammed
  • Manager: Devindra Maharaj

    The Over 40 Team

    The Under 40 Team

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