This site was created as part of a 22nd reunion of Caribbean Limers Association on April 21st 2002 in Markham, Toronto. Attempts were made to locate as many ex-members as possible in order to make this event a reality. Most of the statistics were provided by Nasser Khan who was one of the most celebrated and talented Limers' member.

2nd Division Champions 1985

At this 1st reunion there were 16 ex-members present and all had a great time reminiscing about the good old days. From this reunion, a club family picnic was planned as well as another annual event. The name 'Limers' will also be used as means of identification since 'Caribbean Limers' is still functioning. The site is dedicated to the men and women who participated in the formation and development of one of the best organized and talented clubs, especially in the sport of cricket, in the city of Toronto, Canada. Caribbean Limers was formed in 1980 due to a breakaway from Arawaks Sports Club which I also formed in 1974 with my three brothers and some friends. After 22 years I decided to invite all the former members for a club reunion on Sunday April 21st 2002. The club is still functioning be at a much scaled down level but still participating in the T&D cricket league. This site, therefore, recognizes the years from 1980 to 1992.

George Maharaj... founder and 1st President.


The Original Caribbean Limers Crest

Limers vs a Trinidad touring team in 1981

Limers' C.C.T & T Ind. Match Kaiso LimeOthers