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History of the Lime:
The Kaiso Breakfast Lime is the brain child of yours truly and Toronto's calypsonian Luv Bug (Herbert Tyson) which was started in April 2002 after a performance at another Breakfast Lime hosted by local lawyer, Charles Roach. Prior to this, (actually for over 10 years) I was hosting similar Kaiso sessions in my basement with the hope of upkeeping the awareness of the Calypso art form. For the official Kaiso Lime I chose a local restaurant in Scarborough and invited all the calypsonians and cultural lovers. Needless to say, these Limes took off like Sparrow's "Jean and Dinah" did in 1956 and it has become a monthly local feature here in Canada. The Lime was featured in the Trinidad Guardian on two occasions, in the Trinidad Wire, and in all local newspapers in Toronto. I am very proud of what starting the Kaiso Breakfast Lime has done to Trini Canadians and others.

George Maharaj

1. To develop the art form of Calypso and other Caribbean cultural art forms
2. To highlight the local calypsonians
3. To introduce upcoming calypsonians

Roti and Doubles Express...Scarborough: April to August 2002
Sylvan's Restuarant...Scarborough: September 2002 to Present: 416-266-3652


"The Vibes" and " Memory Lane" with DJ Garnet on iron
and Dick Lochan on maracas

Sylvan's Restaurant

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